YouTuber ‘Supercar Blondie’, Making An Estimated $2.2 Million A Year By Reviewing Luxury Vehicles – Video

An Australian woman leaves her work as a radio host to review luxury supercars from her Instagram page, and has become the world’s most prolific carfluencer, receiving an impressive AUD$2 million (£1.11m/USD$1.4m) a year. Alex Hirschi moved from her Instagram account-Supercar Blondie-to Dubai in 2008 to work on a car radio show up until 2013 and it paid off as she now manages her social media career.

According to the MailOnline, Alex, 33, analyses the world’s most expensive supercars and relays her results to her 6.3 million fans, granting her the right to demand AUD$45,175 (£25,150 / USD$31,600) a tweet. Price comparison platform, GoCompare, has somewhere in the range of AUD$2,016,430 (£1,123,259 / US$1,211,954) placed its annual profits.

As she and her husband moved to Dubai, Alex started to build up her network through her radio job gradually, until she felt ready to step into the driver’s seat. Talking to Daily Mail Australia in 2017, Alex said: I always wanted to visit Dubai at least, it had the biggest thing in the world and it obviously had a dream to stand out.

I was fortunate enough to get a Flying Spur for a weekend after I formed a friendship with Bentley via the series. I felt like I was living my dream, so I started working on how to get more cars on a regular basis. I switched from my personal account to create Supercar Blondie and posted pictures exclusively around cars until the following started rising.

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