10 Things To Do If You’re Being Disrespected In Your Relationship

Loving someone does not mean that you don’t care for your self respect in any manner. As you use all your energy and focus on fulfilling their needs, you need not ignore your dignity. Being disrespected in spite of being fully devoted and dedicated towards someone is the worst feeling that anyone can feel. At the very first instance of being disrespected as much you deserve respect then there are a few things that you need to take care of.


You try to have a polite but serious communication with them about the issue. Get the burden off your chest and if they care they will listen to you and your concern. Take advantage of the situation and vent out your grudges to them. Try to be as direct as possible as there is nothing than the truth.

Don’t jump to conclusions

Don’t arrive to any conclusion if you notice that your partner is disrespecting you. It could be a mood swing or a tough day. Or maybe they felt offended at any of your gesture. Could be they are angry at someone and couldn’t handle it. There could be a number of scenarios before you could think of them. So think twice before jumping to any conclusion.

Give yourself time

Take out time for yourself, it is very important if you and your partner spend a lot of time together. Go on a vacation to a far off place and get your mind clear and try to figure out your relationship while being away. Also  you get time for self analysis.

Question your consistency

Think about the times you have faced disrespect, is it a constant feature or just once in a while. If it is on daily basis then this is not the relationship for you. Try to break up.

Ignore it

Although it is hard but try to ignore your partner’s behavior and see how they react. Observe the difference in the attitude of your partner, whether it has increased or there is improvement. Try to work out a way not to throw equal comments at your partner and don’t give him a reason to think thast you are reciprocating.

Chalk out boundaries

You both must be throwing tantrums or comments at each other the whole time and that’s the way it functions. But try to maintain a limit when you insult each other. Try to chalk out how much you disrespect you can handle and be in your limits.

Never take things lightly

Ignore your partner’s remark them with kind words ans love. It is a common tendency to replied back at your partner, but do not do that. Just show him your other cheek and he or she will self realize his fault.

Give a perfect ‘’NO’’

Why give the opportunity to your partner to disrespect you. How many times have you had love unwillingly. Learn to say a ‘’NO’’, instead of doing what they want. Better turn the other way and go to sleep rather that say an unwilling ‘’YES’’.

Take a stand for yourself

During a conversation with your partner on this issue, take a rigid stand for yourself. Don’t just give in to any insult and tell that you have had enough of the shit. If you don’t take a stand then be ready to tolerate this forever.

better leave

I am sorry but this is the last resort. It is the only way if the things are not improving and you face disrespect on a regular basis. You must be facing a heart break but this is the best way to respect yourself. You treat the people the way you want them to reciprocate. But if that is not the case then better quit for your own good.

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