Young Man Approaches Officer In Restaurant And Asks To Pray For Him And His Protection – Video

It was not at all expected that a photo will go viral of two men embraced each other in a restaurant in September. But it happened when County Sheriff’s Deputy Cameron Tucker was dining with his wife at a restaurant in DeLand, Florida. Out of the blues they were approached by a young man who requested for a permission to pray for the cop’s protection.

The lady was so touched by the gesture that she clicked a photo of the two. The name of the young man is Juan O’ Neal and is a student of Stetson University. And you will be amazed to know that the photo has 50,000 reactions and about 25,000 shares on Tucker’s social media page. It has also been shared on dozens of other outlets. The boy said that he did what he felt and God told him to do, as he approached the officer.

This photo obviously clicked a controversy between a black citizen and a white officer amid the conversation of cop fierceness on the blacks by the white cop men. The black boy’s mom felt that a new wave of respect rather than conflict has been sparked by her son’s gesture. The boy added that he was guided by God to do what he did and was glad that his gesture of love was appreciated a lot by one and all.

Tucker’s post read that the boy came to me and asked permission if he could pray for his protection which he readily gave his consent. He also appreciated the courage of the young man as he approached him even though he was in his uniform along with his family. Now O’Neal is in good books of Tucker and keeps in touch with him and also he has made a friend out of his 2 year old son and they both get into a conversation very often.

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