Woman Zip-Lining Doesn’t See Alligator Lurking In Pond Below Until He Leaps Out To Bite Her – Video

Reptiles have been found all over the state in wetlands, streams, and swamps, but they show up in the most unlikely places every once in a while. An alligator appeared at a zip line station in the video below, but it wasn’t his appearance that caused such a shock: it was what he did when he turned up! A group of zip-lining instructors checked a new line that traversed a pond in the video.

The pond was well known for having alligators which added to the ride ‘s excitement.

One of the teachers wearing full protective gear hooked herself to the line and set off.

Her fellow instructors were waiting for a briefing on her experience with the new line on the other side of the zip line, no doubt eager to.

But what she hadn’t planned was an alligator watching her out of the water.

The teacher set off on the zip line nonetheless She appeared more comfortable at the end, presuming the line was possibly a success.


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