Nervous Woman Walks Up To Him And Whispers ‘Help’: Man Shares How He Became Unlikely Hero

There are times in your life when you have felt unsafe on the street or in a room or in a house or in a park and felt like someone appearing out of the thin and lending you a helping hand. I and my husband were watching a video, that showed a woman giving a keynote address and asking a simple question to the men in the room ‘’have you felt unsafe during the conference, then raise your hand.’’

A few of the men present ion the room raised their hand. Then the same question was asked by the women ion the hall. Almost every women in the hall lifted her hand. It was an epiphany for the men in the room and at the same time it was an epiphany for my husband. My husband is an alert guy, but what a woman experiences during her day is out of imagination of a man. The women are the prey and the world is the predator. A woman has to be constantly on her alert and keep looking out for trouble.

There can be unsafe lurking behind every corner of the street. When one becomes a mother. Suddenly she is not bothered about herself but her children and their vulnerability. I was much scared when I was in a dark parking one night with my infant daughter. Although nothing happened, but it was a very creepy feeling. Once while walking on a street, I was hugged by a total stranger woman. She whispered in my ears ‘’please act as if you know me.

There are three men following me quite a while.’’ I then walked the woman with me and left her till her house where she felt safe and thanked me. I am old and not that attractive to catch the attention of someone. It is a blessing in disguise as the attractive women felt more vulnerable. My daughter is very attractive and I can notice eyes following her wherever she goes. That is not flattering.

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