Woman Saves A Scorched And Screaming Koala With The Shirt Off Her Own Back – Video

A woman in Australia removed her shirt and rushed in the smoldering brush to rescue a koala bear caught near the flames amid the recent spate of fires. The brave rescuer, who identified herself as Toni,

was seen on video disrobing before charging toward the flames and taking the koala into her arms, according to CBS News. She then poured water on the smoldering animal before taking it to a sanctuary.

The koala is reportedly in good condition.

Bushfi-res have ravaged around 2.5 million acres of farmland and bush across Australia’s east coast in recent weeks, lost life of four people and destroying hundreds of homes.

The country’s koala populations have also been a major sufferer of the flames, with more than 350 of the marsupials feared lost their life in a major habitat.

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