‘This Man Worked A 13-Hour Day In 90-Degree Weather, Walked Through The Door And Said, ‘I’m Home. What Can I Do To Help’: Woman Pens Love Note To Husband, ‘I’m Raising Our Boys To Be Just Like Him’

This man worked in 90 degree weather for a 13-hour day and walked through the gates, saying, ‘I am home. How can I help you? ‘Nevertheless these are words that I still hear from him. He’s not a ‘unicorn.’ There are people like those. The kind that washes the dishes after you have eaten. Who does work in the yard because they know that you hate it. Who works 60 + hours of work weeks and still comes home and plays with his kids and also does not forget about his wife.

He gives her a kiss and readily asks What can I do to help? Who gets up to change the baby’s diaper some nights when you’re getting ready for a night meal. Who gives baths to the kids, and puts them to bed. Who spends happy time with his family on the weekends. Who pops out a pack of cards when the children are down, and plays with his wife Farkle and Rummy.

Guys must love to partner with his wife, provider, protector and father who is hands-on. I am so glad that I married this man, and that he also acknowledges my hard work with two children at home, nursing, cooking and cleaning. We look after each other. It’s 50/50 and like their father we raise our boys to be guys.

I see so many women weeping and moaning that they don’t support their partner with the kids, bills, housework, give them any attention etc. My heart breaks when I hear all of it. That is not a guy, ladies. Let him do well, or best! If you have a good man who treats you as a queen then treat him like the king he is.Love is not a dictatorship but a relationship. My husband and I both look after each other and are extremely happy.

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