A Letter To The Woman Who Feels Like She’ll Never Move On

Dear, I know how you are feeling. I ‘m familiar with the torment of constant periods of pain and myself crying to sleep. I was like you once, and I want to say: It’s going to go forever. Today it seems impossible but it is going to. Often breakups sound like they are the end of the world and, in a way, they are. The world you slowly set up with someone else just crumbled like it never existed before.

Within words you are hurt and nothing makes any more sense. It feels like part of you are missing; either you are in great pain, or you are completely numb. It is crucial that you don’t get tough on yourself. You will let yourself feel what you need to feel: rage… It’s all part of the cycle of healing. Do not keep in feelings, for this would have the opposite effect. Some of our dormant feelings are returning to us in even uglier ways.

If in your bed you need to weep curled up-do it. If there is something. Only don’t quash. Chat with colleagues. It’s easy to fall down into loneliness, which is why your friends need help and warmth. Trust me, they’ll be happy to help. Don’t fear asking for help. Be compassionate with yourself. Don’t blame anything on yourself. You cannot manipulate things that aren’t meant to be, irrespective of what your brain says about overthinking them.

Only how you react to the situation is the only thing you can manage. Being absolutely logical is hard but it is possible. This is not real. This is just a fleeting feeling. You are going to break free from pain and the only thing left is an even more optimistic and ready-for-life you. Don’t for ever underestimate yourself. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

Any time you want to press forward, just a little bit, you can feel it in every difficult situation you face. Your heart is whole, it just feels broken now. It’s got cracks but it didn’t crumble. Trust me, you ‘re not going to stay single for ever or be scared of dating. Everything endures forever and nothing is lost. Don’t stop giving yourself the chance to find your own happiness.

You should remember him when the right man comes your way. But that you’ll be healing yourself before that. You ‘re going to get what you deserve, because as you are, you are enough. Everybody has a different story about life and everyone has to go through struggles to find their own light. Don’t surrender. Don’t let them fill you with grief. Be strong and face the reality.

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