Woman Finally Manages To Get Her 17 Pets To Sit Still For A Photo – Video

Of the 17 pets, Smith has eight dogs — Ruby, Ben, Max, Sheba, Teddy, Rio, Storm and Mishka. The remaining nine cats are named Dinky, Jakie, Opal, Paddy, Socks, Safi, Cinders, Dusty and Smokey.

Smith’s eight dogs “I love all of my pets so much so I was really happy when I managed to get them all posing together — despite it not being easy to do,” Smith said.

The U.K. woman lives with her furry friends in a three-bedroom home, and told the Daily Mail that she rescues animals in need. In addition to her 17 photographed pets, she also cares for four Budgerigar birds, several fish and a baby hedgehog.


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