Wives Change After Becoming Moms, For The Men Who Don’t Get It

It is very convenient to blame each other after a marriage falls apart. But no one ever tries to ponder upon the real reason or the cause of a break up. This lady Leslie Spurlock has come across many men who have given the same reason for a break up or infidelity. She wants all of them to come out of the jinx that their wife is not the same woman, whom they married. She says that most of the men crib about that the lady who is their wife is not the woman, they married.

They blame her for going to bed at 11 pm, and sleep through the night and then crawl out of the bed the next morning then take a shower and prepare a cup of coffee and then relaxingly drink it. And then sit in front f a mirror and paint her face and do her curls. Then spend an hour or two in the gym or spend an hour sitting to decide her dress for the day. Spurlock agrees that most woman are not the same after having kids as they were before. And most of the men have problem with that.

She is now the woman who gets the children to their bed and watches the late night TV shows as her day is busy with other chores of the house and she is exhausted. She wakes up before the sun and gets the kids and it all  starts over again. Agreed that she may not give you the same time and energy but that is not always that she doesn’t want to. And this is what the husbands need to understand.

She gets so much exhausted from the daily routine from dawn to dusk that she does not give enough time to her man as much she would love to. Being a mom is not an emotional or physical change but it is an all round change for the lady. It has given birth to humans of your kind. She is not mentally the same. She has filled up the empty spaces which were once empty. Her patience has been totally exhausted and she is no more the same woman whom you had married. And to tell you the fact, it is thank God for that.

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