Willow Smith Begged Tupac To Return And Make Mum Jada Happy In Poignant Letter – Video

Juda and Will are the two names that are doing the rounds in the gossip circles nowadays. Will had requested Tupar to return home and make her mom Jada Pinkett happy. They had both shared a happy bond until the loss of the rapper in 1996. Jada, who is now 48 tells that she had remembered the star every day of her life. Her daughter Willow posted a letter on the instagram, that was later taken down.

The note read,’’ dear Topac, I know that you are alive and mommy misses you. Can you return for the sake of mommy and me so that we can be happy. I wish that you were here and I really do.’’

It has been a source of discussion on the social media and the marriage of her parents has been openly discussed. It is learnt that Will Smith has given his blessings to August Alsina 27 to have an affair with Jada that could last years. Alsina claimed to have a conversation over this with Will Smith. He claimed to have his blessings. However, Jada’s representatives have denied such reports as being true.

Their daughter Willow has stated that how strained relationships can affect the children. She used the blossoms to express how outer factors influence a person. As she did not directly refer to the controversy surrounding her family, she did talk about the devotion and moods of her parents.

However the conspiracy of the loss of the Hip-Hop star is making rounds and has succeeded in faking it to escape the limelight. Will Smith has expressed his jealousy over the relationship between Jada and Tupac. The pair had attended the same high school in Baltimore and stayed in contact as their careers took off. Jada and Tupac had a falling out as the rapper was gone.

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