Why You Should Stop Yelling at Your Kids

You think that you are in control of your kids by yelling at them, but the fact is that your kids are completely out of your control. For the last 50 years, spanking and physically you kid has declined. But as far as yelling is considered, it is the most common of all in the parents in the present day context. In spite of knowing that it doesn’t work, the parents are in the habit of yelling. And it is the most stupid thing to do.

It makes the children with low self-esteem and chances of sadness are more. Yelling at them is as good as physically rebuke them, the consequences are the same and sometimes more serious. Increase in anxiety and levels of behavior are prevalent in such cases. Think about it before yelling at your kids, if your decision was correct or not. Only you feel but it does not put you in authority. It makes you look out of control in front of your kids and you seem to be weak in facing them and they are prone to take disadvantage of the situation.

It seems you are short of resources and do not know what to do except yelling.Many parents do not know what else to do except shouting or yelling. Their day passes away just yelling at the kids. When faced with the question they ask – ‘’what else should I do’’ or ‘’how do I stop it’’. We think that yelling is a part of correction. It is not a corrective measure it simply inherits the habit of yelling at the children. If you see, we yell because of the same thing daily and we yell more loudly as the previous yelling did not work.

We yell—‘’put your clothes away, don’t hit your brother, stop chasing the dog or come down for dinner’’ You have to effectively use the ABC of praise ads it is a more specific technique. Put a dumb smile on your face and wave your hands in the air. Praise in a highly cheerful voice. Touch the kid and give a non-verbal praise. It makes the kid take notice of the praise that triggers the corrective behavior and that’s your victory.

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