Why I Don’t Post Photos Of My Child On Social Media

The social media is becoming a great source of communication across the globe. You can stray connected to anyone anywhere in the world and watch him or her or whatever they post on the media. We arte well connected in today’s world. It’s great to share your child’s photos with the world as they are laughing, giggling, singing or just having great fun. As my daughter arrived in this world I was not that glad to share her photos on the media, as I did not want to make public the news of my pregnancy and after that the birth of my daughter and growing family.

I love my family and want to protect it from the outer world. People are curious and keep asking me to share the photos of my daughter on the social media, etc. my answer is very straight forward, people come to know a lot about you and your family from the smallest information that you share with them. And they know where and what about your family the whole day. Above all I respect my daughter’s privacy. She is not that old to tell me whether she is ok with me for sharing her life with others.

As she is 16 months now, she does the little bit to help me like helping me to vacuum, arranging the folded clothes, with the bubbles and climbing on anything. She is also fond of music. She tries to entertain me with her gimmicks often and I would surely like to share my joy on the social network. She could seem to be disappointed at the fact that she has so many followers when she is a teenager.

She might also be embarrassed by the fact that there are so many of her photos on the instagram or the facebook or elsewhere. There are some awkward moments because of me shying away from the social media. I had joined a ‘mommy and me’ class when she was a baby. The instructor encouraged every mom to take pictures of them and post them on the media. All the moms wanted to take a picture of their kids on the very first day. I don’t post the pictures of my baby and family, that does not mean that I am against it.

I wonder if I may post the picture of my daughter’s first day at school, with the name of the school or the grade she is in with her teacher’s name. I am not sure that whenever I come across a group photo that my daughter is in there or a photograph of a birthday party with my daughter in it, will I say them not to post the photo on the media as my daughter is there in it. I even told them not to tag my husband or me in it and they seem to have understood my point.

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