When The Right Person Hugs You

It is very likely that you have been told by others that how sensitive and emotional you are. You must have cried easily when you were a child. You could have been very shy. You could have got the notion that there is something wrong with you. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. This is very normal. HSPs are the kind of people who are very sensitive and response to the various emotions of the world, and they appreciate the beauty in this world.

They are huge at hearts and listen to you very carefully and make good friends. If you want to know that how sensitive you are, then go through the points given below. You find it difficult to deal with negative situations. You get upset by raised voices and anger and you try to run away from the scene. Negative emotions make you feel sick and you crave for calm and quite. You try to avoid negative minded stories and videos as you just can’t tolerate and sufferings.

You can rely on your gut feelings. You can sense things before they happen. You can sense the mood of a room without entering it. You are quickly affected by other’s emotions and feel them personally. You get fatigued regularly by the gush of emotions that bombard you. You feel drained and exhausted and may suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You get overwhelmed by loud noises, bright lights and a large crowd. You are sensitive to strong smells and rough fabrics. And you get upset when the going gets rough. You try to avoid such things to the extent that you alter your schedule to avoid them.

You are artistic, loving, imaginative and creative. You are often bent towards works of art and tried to make a career out of it. Animals are close to you and you love them. You enjoy your relationship with animals and love to be surrounded by pets. You enjoy the company of pets than that of people. You face comments about you sensitivity and emotional trait. People say that you are over sensitive and wear your heart on your sleeve. You are a good listener and people find it comfortable to speak to you.

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