What Your Clothes Say About You – LGBTQ+ Edition

There is no doubt that the way one person dresses can say a lot about their personality, as well as their emotions, wealth, work, and basically, a lot about the way they want to live their lives and how they want to be portrayed and perceived.

Clothes are definitely considered to be an expression of one person’s identity, and well, we kind of agree with that. A lot of LGBTQ+ members who were too afraid to “come out” usually try to wear “normal” clothes in order not to stand out from the crowd. But, when one person does eventually “come out,” they basically get the ability to wear whatever they please (even though they did have the ability to do so before). And today, we will be discussing exactly that: “What your clothes say about you and your personality if you’re a loud and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community”.

A rainbow symbol

Wearing a rainbow symbol as a bracelet on your wrist, or maybe, it appears on your printed shirt means that you know exactly who you are. You have completely accepted your whole self, and you are very proud of it- as you should be. Who cares about what other people think, right? Your only goal in life is to be who you are and not care about other people’s opinions of you. Confidence is your top trait, and you know how to handle it just fine. Well, in the end, if someone does not accept or like you for who you are, feel free to open the door out of your life for them because they are not worth it.

Controversial prints

You are a damn savage, aren’t you? You love yourself to death, and anyone that cannot handle your personality can just simply disappear from your eyesight. We love that you have the audacity to stand out from the crowd, wear provocative prints (just like the ones from the Grapefruit store), and express yourself in a way that you want to.

Even when someone shows their smirk on their face, you will just keep your happy face on and show everyone that you just do not care about their opinions.Equal rights text

If you wear t-shirts or apparel that has some sort of “Equal rights” text as the print, it means that you are a true fighter. You are, above all, fierce, confident, and you know what you want and ask from life, as well as from the community you are part of and that is for all LGBTQ+ members to be treated with decency and respect. You absolutely do not care about what someone else has to say, you know what you believe in and you strongly stay behind that. When someone wants to come at you, you stay strong and argumentatively fight till the end.

There is no way that you should ever let down a friend being bullied and harassed for being true to themselves because you know what they have been through in this judgmental world we live in.

Motivational quotes

Clothes with motivational quotes on them are actually very helpful. You are an emotional soul if you wear these. Acting quietly when you have a lot to say has become one of your habits and you often let your t-shirts speak instead of you. Being an amazing friend and a lover is one of the things that occupy your everyday life. You are a well-behaved member of the community, who just wants to stay out of trouble. Often, you are very shy, but you know how to defend yourself when the time for that comes. People usually try not to say anything offensive to you since they know how emotional you are, and that you might take that personally- which is, in our opinion, actually a good trait.

Final words

As much as clothes might define one’s personality, it can sometimes also leave the wrong impression, or be totally wrong. It does not necessarily mean that a person that wears a specific type of apparel is like this or that. Do not judge them right away and get to know them first because they deserve to be respected regardless of their age, skin color, race and status in life.

That’s a very important life lesson every single one of us should learn, eventually. We think that people these days usually misjudge one’s personality that they end up being judged by others. Do not ever assume that a person is good or bad based on what they wear. Instead, be kind, and give everyone a chance. No matter how you dress, no matter what you do, being your true self is what you should be focusing on at all costs. Do you know how that old quote says that it’s only you and your body till the rest of your life? Well, why hate on yourself and your body when you can look bomb and feel confident? Life’s short, embrace yourself, dress however you want to, do not let anyone else’s opinion get you down, and then you will truly become happy in life.

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