What I Wish My Co-Workers Knew About Being A Working Mom

I hate being judged for leaving my office exactly at 5 pm, as my kids are waiting to be picked up from the sitter. I sometimes miss a meeting as I have to attend my 4 year olds graduation.

I hate to see him sad and gloomy in the crowd. Sometimes I am late as I have to drop my baby at the sitter at 7.45 am. I feel and look distracted many times. Many a times there is a sick baby and I am not able to take him to the child specialist.

No one wants to look exhausted in the office, but I woke up 4.30 am due to an inconsolable kid. My eyes are all black and glazed over as I was trying to soothe a baby to sleep for the last 12 hours. I know my email seems snippy but I had a 5 year old crying since morning for not wanting to go to school. I am tense about him.

I feel embarrassed at banging my head on the desk, but just now I had a call that my son has a pink eye and I have to rush back to get him homeEven though the report is very important but my eyes are swollen and bloodshot. That is because I never slept the whole night and it seems years since I had a hot shower.

Sorry I was wild at you but I spent the last 3 hours to explain the necessity of wearing pants to my toddler at the babysitter.

I am well aware of leaving my personal life at home when I enter the office. But as you are a mom to small children it seems quite difficult.

I thank everyone whosoever has given me grace marks for the last five years. God only knows, how it is to be like a working mom with small kids. I am thankful to every boss who has allowed me leave for the doctor’s appointments, unexpected sickness, school graduations, school lunches and speech therapy.

Thanks to all the people who stood by my side during the pregnancy and when I had to rush out during a meeting to pukeThanks to everyone who understood my life as theirs and stood by me. This means more to me than anyone realizes. Once again I thank all who ignored my swollen eyes, exhausted face and spit stain on my blouse.

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