US Navy’s First Black Female Tactical Fighter Jet Pilot Gets Her ‘Wings Of Gold’ – Video

It was the greatest moment if pride as the first Black female tactical aircraft pilot Lt.j.g.Madeline Swegle, received her wings of gold medallion on Friday. It was a proud moment for the history of mankind and for the Black community. There was a black time in the history when the Black community was down trodden and were looked upon as outcasts from the mainline. This community faced its worst at the hands of the white community in the United States Of America.

Here these blacks were belonging to the Negro tribe. This tribe was considered only fit for slavery on the ships, mines, factories and tea and coffee plantations. They were also slaved as domestic help and lived in dirty slums that came up around the metro cities. After decades of struggle for their social rights and great sacrifices by many Black leaders like the great Nelson Mandela did they succeed to get their freedom and social equality.

Now why will it not be a moment of pride when a girl who hails from the Black community is bestowed up on the honor of a pilot and is granted the ‘’golden wings’’. It is a great achievement for thisd young pilot. Before long the Blacks were not allowed the right of education, leave alone the right of going to a decent school or college. But this young girl braved all odds and sought education and passed all exams and odds to be commissioned as a pilot in the armed forces.

We wish good luck and good wishes to this young achiever and pray to the Lord to bless her with good health and happy future, may she succeed in all her future ventures and achieve higher heights in her career as a tactical fi-ghter. She has been a source of inspiration and motivation to all the young people of any gender, caste and creed.

We all are proud of you Lt. Madeline Swegle.

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