UPS Driver Entertains Himself At Work By Taking Photos With Every Dog He Meets – Video

Often it has happened with us that we stopped in our path to stare at a dog crossing the road and staring back at us from between the fence or from behind a bush. You are tempted to go over and pat him. The same urge happens to the UPS drivers as they are no exceptions. They stop to lift the fluffy creature and get some pictures with the animal. They have gone to the extend of creating a group on the social media called as the ‘’UPS dogs’’, where they share their pictures with the dogs.

Let me in traduce you to one of such UPS drivers by the name of Jason Hardesty from New Orleans, Louisiana. He has termed himself as ‘’a very easily entertained UPS driver’’ and that is displayed in his photos with the dogs on his page.

A year has passed since he started posting his pictures with dogs using pupsofjay to separate from the rest of the group. His page has been flooded with likes since then as people have a liking for dogs and wholesome acts.

We have come across a number of UPS drivers who take their photos with the dogs on daily basis and post them on ‘UPS dogs’ regularly. But it is not only dogs for that matter.

Sometimes we get to see a host of other animals too on the page like – Alpacas. Deer, rabbits, goats, sheep, ponies, chicken, etc. we have seen them all on the page.

It was in the year that UPS or the United Parcel Service was launched in 1907 in Washington, US. It is a company more than 100 years old.

It has grown into a multinational company with over 434,000 employees as on 2016. Out of the different services provided by the company the most prominent one is the package delivery.

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