If You’re Unhappy With Your Life, It’s Your Responsibility To Change It

We settle for what is safe, right, acceptable ,and liked. We tend not to move. It appears to be so strange to move and face people ion a whole new environment and things or places that we never knew. We are scared of the idea of moving on in life. We just can’t leave things behind. We sacrifice our own happiness. We choose to stay and so we compromise with all these. You would have roots rather than feet, if you were meant to stay at one place. Quit your job if you are not satisfied with it.

Move on if your life has come to a stand still and you have nothing more to do. Move if physical and mental stress is taking its toll on you. Get going and quit the job that gives you mental stress and tension. Success is not at the cost of your happiness. But your happiness depends on your success. If you get new opportunities and new horizons to explore then get going without a second thought. If its worth your time then give it a try. Either good or bad, it is an experience. A valuable lesson is taught with every experience.

If people around you do not please you then get going. If they are not in a positive frame of mind then move on. Moving on does not mean that you are cutting all connections with them or you are forgetting them but just you are shifting places. You had a wonderful time with them. But only it was time to bid adieu and move over to a new environment. You had a lot to learn and experience but your vessel is full and you need fresh pastures in your life. You need to carry on with your life.

If you are not content with your love life then they are not the last people on this earth. Romance is something more than kisses and candle light dinners and hugs and sweets. They are more than the romantic relationship that involves your heart and soul. If he becomes a headache and it becomes more bad then simply say ‘’bye’’ and move on and just cut them off. You are not obliged to burden yourself with the relationship. Who knows that in the future you will find a man who will contribute to your heart and soul even more.

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