Twins Lose It Hearing Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’ For 1st Time – Video

It was such an exciting moment to watch Gen Z twins Tim and Fred Williams react to the iconic song’s drum fill ‘’Y’all didn’t prepare us for that’’. Still there are some rock tracks that are impossible to erase from your memory. You can easily count the iconic numbers that have made a great impact on the listeners. There is the guitar, ther instrumental, the chorus, the duet and above all the solo.

You can name the singer, the moment you hear the signature opening tune of the song. And as these moments are made unforgettable to the classic rock fans, they are still undiscovered to the music lovers like Tim and Fred Williams. They listened to the 1981 Collin’s number for the first time, and they were recorded for their reaction at that time, and that was awesome. The song had the fans playing the drums from a decade.

The first reaction captured was to nod their heads, while the initial slow music played on. They took control of the control panel and played the music again and again, letting their mood sink and offer their takes on the time. As they heard the song and the music, they started liking it. And the drum fill left the boys excited as they loved it. Fred exclaimed that he had never seen a beat drop three times into a song and he felt it was good and unique.

Tim added that you all did not prepare us for that. The director Ava DuVernay tweeted that it has gone viral and he is posting as that makes him smile. It will make everyone smile, who ever watches it. She is on to something there, but positive attention on Twitter is nothing new for these guys. Wishing them luck and happy listening.

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