Top 3 Living Room Mirror Styles

With amazingly fun shapes, colors, and finishes, mirrors are a pretty elegant accessory that will complete every interior decoration you might have in your place. You can have one in pretty much all rooms in your house or in your studio, as it can always bring everything together and turn the space  for the better! Even if you ask yourself: “Is it really important to have a mirror?” The answer is an absolute yes and the first reason why is the fact that it creates the illusion of extra space, which can never be enough, mainly because we always want a bigger house.

This item, in the perfect place, can deflect attention from something with awkward features, and enhance another aspect, like lighting. Actually, lighting is another reason why you should make this investment because, by placing a mirror on the opposite side or near a window, it will increase the lighting source, transforming the room from a cavernous area into a luxurious, bright and harmonious place. 

This decoration, besides maximizing the space, will be really good to check on yourself, to retouch your makeup, to see if your outfit is on point, and to take the perfect selfie for social media! Another benefit I must tell you about is the statement piece that a mirror can become – you don’t need an expensive colorful painting on the wall that doesn’t even go along with the decoration, instead, the perfect piece to change a room is a well-placed, luxurious mirror! This is essential in every room but especially in living rooms it is the must-have special element that will look perfect on the right display. Now you know why you need one of those but I know you’re asking: “What type of mirror should I have in my living room?” Stick around and find out! 

Floor Mirrors

Using floor length mirrors can be adequate in every room but, in 2020, they are trending in living rooms. It can be strange at first to picture a simple one in the middle of the room, but there you go! The difference is in the details and its position, and you can even go for a double-wide mirror with gold finishes – now it doesn’t look so odd, does it? The choice about the design, the colors and the size depends on your personal taste and thankfully, on the market, there is a large range of items for you to find the perfect one! Click here if you want to check out the best ones at the moment. There are more modern minimalist designs with simpler frames or more traditional wooden ones that go along with vintage and rustic vibes. One important thing you should know is that you can balance between the decoration and practicality by leaning the mirror on an empty wall or using wall anchors. Voila!

Traditional Wall Mirror

These pieces, as the name reveals, are traditional because they have been used for a long time now. Usually, people don’t take many risks with these ones, frequently going for a simpler rectangular one with a brown frame above the dresser and it’s done! But I encourage you to be a bit riskier about the color, the design, and other features, as there is a huge selection you can take advantage of. You can have a saying in the size, the shape, the color, the finish, and many more aspects. Maybe you don’t have that much space around, so going with an oval shaped one with a simpler frame is a great idea, but if you do have the space, a rectangular mirror with a velvet black frame will definitely become a feature piece. Luxurious right? These mirrors are stunning and absolutely amazing when it comes to transforming a living room into the perfect space to have guests, throw huge dinners, and even to relax in a bright comfortable heaven!

Geometric Mirrors

These mirrors’ main purpose is more on the design and decoration side, even though they can still be used to self-admiring. However, this statement piece is compared to art and must be thought really well before choosing its placement, its wall and even the decoration around it. They are also wall mirrors as the ones above but the major difference is that the range of geometric rounded mirrors is so diverse, because it does not only change in color or finishes, but it changes a lot when it comes to frames! Maybe you have heard about trending sunburst mirrors – unique and gorgeous pieces that emphasize the wall, and create the illusion of bigger and taller space because of the frame’s features. Now you must understand why it’s so difficult to put one on the wall when you already have furniture and a previously chosen design, but nothing is impossible and I believe that you can find the perfect one to add to your home!

A Lively Living Room

Experts say that to spread light you can be either the candle or the mirror that reflects it, and I think you should always choose to be the mirror because not only it reflects light and turns the environment brighter but it can also be uniquely beautiful and a charming piece that transforms any room into a better place. Think about that and have a nice day!

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