This Is How The Man Who Thinks You’re Good Enough Will Treat You

You have only had a lot of wrong guys in your life so far when it comes to dating. You came across people you loved more than they loved you, you dated some who made you doubt your self-worth and you undoubtedly met some guys who didn’t respect you or the things you did for them. It’s all part of life and the legend says that before you’re ready for the guy who will treat you with dignity, you need to date a few wrong ones.

Often the issue may arise when life sends you the guy who is worthy of your time and love and who is willing to treat you as you deserve, but you may miss him because you’re not really the best person to read the signs. There are some indicators you need to look for if you don’t want to miss the right guy and the guy who feels highly of you, the guy who feels you are more than good enough to be a part of his life.

(1) He Is The First One To Text

It’s not about who’s a man and we’re not stripping you of your feminine control, but when a man sees you as deserving, he won’t leave any room for anyone else to slip in. He’ll first email you to make sure you wake up on your phone with a good morning message, because he wants his name to be the first thing you see in the morning.

(2) He Will Never Brush You Off Out Of The Blue

When a man knows your worth and thinks highly about you, he would never do something rude like ghosting you or just vanishing out of nowhere. You’ll still know how he feels about you with a man who knows your worth and you’ll be aware of when or when his feelings change. He isn’t just going to show you that he’s cooled off by short-texting or something like that. He will speak up front to you and try to fix your problems instead of running and hiding like frightened boys do.

(3) He Is Always There For You

When you give him a text, you won’t have to think twice because there won’t be any space for you to worry while you’re choking him and he will make sure you know he loves to see your name on his phone. He will prove to you that you are high on his list of goals and that you will always have respect when it comes to giving him time to others. He’ll still be making room for a good woman in his life.

(4) He Will Always Focus His Future With You

You won’t ever need to doubt where you stand in his life with a guy who knows your worth. You never have to wonder if he has wanted to have you as part of his life, because in the near future he will dream about the things you two are going to do together. The best thing is you won’t have to struggle for the spot, having a spot for you would be entirely fair to him. He’s going to do it on his own because he knows you ‘re good enough and he can’t do anything to make him lose you.

(5) He Will Make Sure You Are His Favorite

You may have had this question in one of your past relationships, but you’ll never have to ask yourself if you’re just one of his girls when it comes to the guy who knows your worth. And he will do whatever he can to make you feel special and to make sure you are conscious that you are the only one for him. He will make sure you know it’s just you and one woman will be more than enough for him.

(6) He Will Make You Feel Comfortable

You ‘re not going to have to hold back, nor are you going to have to wait to tell him how much he means to you because he’s going to beat you a mile into that race. He’ll show you he’s not holding back and then you’re not going to need to hold back either. In reality, he’ll be happy to see you sharing what you feel to deal with it in time and stopping you from bottling up your feelings. All this he will do because it will be very important to him to develop a good relationship with you.

(7) He Will Always Be There To Catch You

He isn’t going to make you fall for him without any plan to catch you. He is not going to make you love him without any intention to love you back. Rather, he’ll make sure you know he fell for you even before you ever thought about dating him. And after you’ve reciprocated his feelings he’s not going to overlook this, he’ll make sure he’s handling you accordingly.

(8) He Will Flaunt You Proudly

His friends and family are going to know about your life and not only that, but they’re going to treat you with utmost respect and they’re going to love you long before they meet you due to the stories he’ll tell them about you. Moreover, you won’t need to make up excuses to your friends or family about his bad behavior because he’ll be more than happy to meet them and get on good terms with them, because he’s conscious that they’re a huge part of your life and how much they mean to you.

(9) He Will Make Sure That You Are With Him

You can tell something is wrong when a man hides you from everyone. But when a man knows your worth and thinks you ‘re good enough, there won’t be a single person in his life who doesn’t know you. He would not hold back from openly taking your hand or expressing his feelings in front of the entire world and he will be more than able to tell the world how wonderful a woman he has beside him.

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