This 10-Year-Old Made 1,500 Art Kits For Kids In Shelters And Foster Care During The Pandemic – Video

You will be amazed to know what a 10 year old girl did during the lockdown period for the benefit of thousands of children stuck indoors in homeless shelters. Her name is Chelsea Phaire from Danbury. C she had . she had requested her guests to bring her art supplies instead of gifts on her 10th birthday. She then divided the crayons, color pencils, markers, etc into plastic boxes and made art kits out of them.

Then she personally delivered the art kits to a shelter for the homeless in New York. She was so inspired by the happy faces of the kids that she launched a charity by the name of Chelsea Charity.Her mom said that since she was seven, she would ask her and her dad to start a charity. She would not forget to repeat her request every three or four months. At the age of 10, they decided to give in to her request and the charity came into existence.

As she came to her sixth grade she had started an Amazon wishlist of art supplies and requested her friends and relatives to check it out. As a result very soon she started receiving donations. Both the mom and the daughter would pack the art kits and drive down to the kids and deliver by hand in person. Chelsea also gave an art lesson to the kids.

Between the months of August and November they delivered nearly 900 art kits to the children consisting of crayons, markers, color pencils, paper, water colors and gel pens. The art kits helped the children to show their creativity and use their leisure time in doing something productive. Chelsea has sent more than 1500 art kits to children in about 12 states across the US.

Chelsea has loved art. When she was 8, her swimming instructor was knock off in a indignation. So she took up arts that also acted as a therapy for her. Feeling that other children could have gone through the similar trauma, she was inspired to carry on her good work and help the children to cope with similar feelings.

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