Thirsty Squirrel Begs Child For Water And Then Downs A Bottle – Video

I watched this video in surprise ass I looked at the thirsty squirrel standing on its hind limbs and begging for water from the passersby. In the cute clip it was shown that how a grey squirrel who was thirsty was begging for water from a group of people walking around by standing on its hind limbs and shaking her front limbs at the water bottle. The way it was gesturing at the water bottle in the hands of a kid was really cute.

The bottle was then uncorked and the kid lowered the bottle to the squirrels mouth, who gulped the water. As the squirrel was very thirsty it guzzled the whole bottle of water in just 30 seconds before just running away from the spot. The video of this squirrel has gone viral and the way it shows the interaction of the rodent with the human beings is really mind boggling and the video has been viewed by a thumping 687,000 times since being uploaded.

Many of the viewers were simply surprised by the knowledge and the audacity of the rodent to think of begging water to drink and quench its thirst in the sun. As there were a majority of viewers who thought the video to be very cute, there were others who thought the other way. They thought that it was very sad to know that the creatures had to depend on begging for water to keep themselves hydrated in the summer months. They targeted mainly on the civic authorities and the authorities who were responsible for this.

However, it is not advisable to handle the rodents as one such squirrel was found infected with the bubonic plague in the US just last Saturday. This plague is infected through a bacteria and can be contracted to humans through the house hold animals if proper care and caution is not taken for. This disease can be contracted if bitten by an infected flea in the house or through the direct contact with the blood or tissues of the infected animals. A study says that the cats are particularly susceptible to this disease and could die if not treated on time.

A committee has recommended the following precautions for the people to follow:

  • Remove all sources of food and shelter for animals from around the house.
  • Never feed the wild animals.
  • Maintain a clean and litter proof yard and eliminate all animal habitats.
  • All humans should avoid contact with dead animals and sick animals.
  • Use complete caution while handling pets and feeding them.
  • Be in constant consultation with your veterinarian about tick and flea control of your pets.
  • Avoid the free roaming of the pets in the house.
  • Avoid the free roaming of the pets outside the house, else they may prey on a wild animal and get infected and bring the infection inside the hiuse.
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