When She’s Truly Done With Your B-ullshit, There Are No More Second Chances

The love of her is to give everything that she has and the love is great, deep, and selfless. She is not the one in the crowd. She has a great heart and it hurts when you break it and mind it! There is no coming back. This girl is strong and can withstand any shit or any storm that’s coming her way. One that can bear any shitload and still be brave enough to protect her spirit in one piece. But you got to care about one thing.

She won’t be fooled by your antics at breaking her heart or her soul, in spite of her forgiving nature. She has the capability of seeing through your crap and don’t be fool of her pretending not to see anything. She sees everything. She can sense when you are taking advantage of her kindness and love and in the case it won’t last long. In case she is ignoring your behavior, it is only to test your ability to keep continuing the crap.

Be in your limits as there won’t be another chance. It does not matter how much she is sad or how much her aches or how much she wishes to forgive you, but when she is done, it is done for good. Never ever think of taking her for granted. Not many girls are left with that kind of love. You won a lottery when you found her as pure as morning dew. The love will never exhaust, but the money will.

Never treat her as a one night stand. Her commitment and passion cannot be taken for granted or it starts getting real bad and worse. Treat her with dignity and devotion as it is for your good only. Learn to be appreciative of her, because if this woman decides to leave then you are the only one to blame and remember that there is no coming back.

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