Wide Receiver Deandre Hopkins Gives His Mom, Who Is Blind, Touchdown Ball In Sweet Game Tradition – Video

Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and his mother have opened up about their close relationship, after the tragedy which left her blind. Hopkins and his mother Sabrina Greenlee spoke out in an interview with ESPN, describing their journey together from a life of poverty in South Carolina to the heights of NFL greatness.

Now, Greenlee attends all of Hopkins’ home games, and sits in the same seat in the end-zone, where her daughter whispers descriptions of every play.

If Hopkins catches a touchdown pass on her end of the field, he is adamant about handing the ball to Greenlee every time, proudly insisting that his mother share in the glory.

‘I’m always picturing her, whenever I make a catch, her reaction,’ he told ESPN. ‘And sometimes, when I drop a ball, I’m like, ‘Darn it. I let my mama down.’
Hopkins grew up near Central, South Carolina, and his childhood was marked by tragedy. When he was just a baby, his father Steve lost his life in a car wreck while free on bond for substance trafficking charges.

This tragic loss happened when she was 23 years old. ‘I was lost, and I didn’t really know how to take care of the kids,’ she told the outlet. ‘Making ends meet was tough because I’d always depended on guys to do that.’ When the children were young, Greenlee held down two jobs, working at an automotive plant during the day and as an exotic dancer at night. Greenlee continued to be drawn to the wrong kind of men.


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