Pastor John Gray Charged of Cheating Again, A Source Close To The Pastor Claims Extortion – Video

Pastor John Gray is trapped in yet another suspected case of cheating. This time, the pastor was charged with FaceTiming his supposed mistress who goes by the name of “Mary.” Before we get into the charges, we talked to a source close to the Grays and they claimed that the claims were false and that a extortion investigation by the federal and state is currently under way against “Mary” Blogger Tasha K unwinewithtashak reveals that some of her FaceTime conversations with John Gray had been captured.

On another picture, John is in the background at an airport with a private jet when he supposedly invites his side chick to fly to Mexico with him. You’ve had an hour to plan.

I travel to Cabo. So bring your mask and your two-piece hat, ’cause we’re out,’ he says in the video. Our source from camp John Gray says that this was a joke taken out of context and that they did not have improper relationships.The third video appears to show John Gray discussing a $200 bet in which he presumably promises to prepare a southern meal, including a brisket, for supposed “Mary” mistress if she wins.

According to our source, The Grays stands firm that these of misconduct are baseless, and that an extortioner has twisted and taken these videos out of context. Last year on The Real television show John Gray confessed to having an emotional affair with another woman. Aventer and John Gray said the affair had been helping them flourish as a couple.

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