Photo Shows Teen Helping Elderly Blind Woman Cross The Street And I Think He Deserves Our Recognition – Video

This 15-year-old boy and his younger sister deserve all the glory after finding and helping to support an elderly woman in need. Dontarius Caldwell and his younger sister Diamond were playing games on his phone while they were waiting for the school bus when his sister noticed a woman struggling to press the button at a crosswalk. His sister said she thought the woman was blind, and he should go and help her.

What he didn’t know would be his behaviour captured on camera and broadcast around the country. I told Dontarius I thought she was blind, you should get up and help her, and he got up and went two times to help her cross the street when I was waiting for the bus to arrive, Diamond said. The Cincinnati freshman, Ohio, approached the woman asking her if she wanted help to which she responded “yes” and took his hand for support.

He then safely led the frail, blind lady across the street while his sister kept waiting for the school bus. The big-hearted teens didn’t think twice about their acts telling local media that they had just been taught to do the right thing. Just I tried to help. I didn’t really think I ‘d be on tape, Dontarius told NBC’s WLWT5 News Station.

I just supported the elderly, and gave them a helping hand. Helping hand is key word. Everyone wants to have a helping hand, he said. Dontarius was captured on camera to support the woman, and posted the picture on social media. Thousands have seen it in just 24 hours, and have thanked the teen for his actions. As a reward for his generosity Dontarius was given a key to the school.

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