Student Who Collected Garbage To Pay For College Is Accepted Into Harvard Law – Video

A 24-year-old Maryland college graduate is on his way to Harvard Law School, despite the fact that the odds weren’t always in his favor, due to financial problems and other difficulties in his life.

Yet RehanStaton ‘s story is one of success, as he is set to start classes online at Harvard Law this fall, with an entire virtual group behind of him that raised more than $70,000 on GoFundMe in a week to ensure that he could start his first semester without worrying about finances, at least.

According to Staton, he has made it this far thanks to the encouragement and guidance of his father and his colleagues at Bates Trucking & Trash Removal, where he ‘d work the very early-morning hours, up long before dawn, before attending classes at the University of Maryland.

Often there was no time to shower between work and class and so Staton would sit in the back of the classroom in order to escape punishment, the Boston Globe reports.

But he admitted to CBS This Morning that his colleagues were the ones who stopped him on his route. It was the people that were on the bottom of the hierarchy who really lifted me up , he said.

It helps me keep my sights on the money. If this were all about me and me fighting for myself, I probably would have left.


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