Student, 19, Pays For University Course By Having Five Sugar Daddies – Video

If you come from an average family with limited resources and earnings, then it becomes difficult to even pay for your college fees. It is hard to balance between work and studies.

All you can do is find a part time job and try to make a balance between your work and your studies. And at the end what you get is just passing marks. We are going to talk about a student of the Lincoln University who shuns how the minimum earnings for a student is not just enough to support her and her expenses.

But she worked as a ‘sugar baby’ and that just changed her world full 360 degrees. She even managed to pay her student loan bit by bit. She agreed and signed up for arrangements when she was 17 and never took it seriously. It changed as she began her life as a student at the university. She recollected that when she enrolled for the university she found that many women at the university had signed up and were having positive experiences.

She makes around $300 per date as her sugar daddies pay for her dresses, shoes, meals, etc and also leave her a hefty tip at the end. It helped the girls to keep up with the studies, pay their rents and even afford cars at the university. She considers this as the learning. It made her more in talking to men online and even what to look out for. Some men lie about themselves and their job and what they do for a living. And that is her caution and worry.

She had the permission of her family and her boyfriend to carry on with her venture and keep going. She often told her about the sugar daddies and what they talked about on messaging. She at present has five sugar daddies and she regularly meets three of them. She is only interested in platonic relationships and mentorships. Her boyfriend understands her need for money and that her family is open and loving.


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