Everyone G-rieves In Their Own Way, So Stop Judging Someone Else’s Process

What is sad for you could be happiness for someone else. No to people grief the same way. There is never one way to do it. You pity someone going through a loss as you know the feeling.

Often other’s pain reminds you of your own. Sometimes you react in anger at their reaction as you never reacted the same way at the same loss. You are right here. But that does not mean that the other guy can’t.

Some people are quite at their loss. Some people cry’ while some others try to smile it away. There are people who connect with others to vent out their agony by giving a call or writing down a letter or texting a message to their near ones. They start sharing photos of loved ones. They talk to their siblings or friends or their support group. Some are often loud. They are loud in expressing their agony and start letting out their tensions, rage and frustration in the loudest manner.

They start thinking and planning. And start a new project in their sadness. They start donating or making charities. The do not give up so easily. When these people come across each other they tend to recognize their self image who is going through the same phase of life as theirs or the just lash out. They try to correct the person for letting out his agony or grief by correcting his ways.

It is not wrong as it is not everyone’s path. If you are sucked up in your office, that does not mean that everyone else should be sucked up the same way as you. Every person has got a different loss and they are all different in dealing with it. Everyone is trying to figure out a way of dealing with their loss in the manner that suits them right. Some might take the longer way, while some need additional support. While some might take time or quite.

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