Stop Asking Black Women To Explain Discrimination

Its been long since it has awakened the awareness for white women in America. In the news is the cop roughness against community, the KKK resurgence, and to the plight of the minorities the 45th president has started to open his eyes.

It gives us an urge of making us wonder about how we got here and then what do we do from here. But I am tired of telling the white people about how it is to be from the Black community.

My email box and the message box is flooded by messages from white woman that will this be considered as xenophobia or was it really this bad.

I appreciate the awareness but refuse to guide them. Unless I am being paid for my services to speak about discrimination and xenophobia. I am myself dealing with outright discrimination and xenophobia on daily basis. I never thought of what it would be like to stop bothering about the color of your skin.

I cannot openly complain about the treatment I get due to my skin color and even if I do, I have to keep my tone low only to myself, my voice low and make sure not to express more to the inconvenience of other white folk around. As the black women with fierce faces are a threat to the society. I was once pulled up by a cop as my tail light was out and I nearly had a . I had a valid insurance, a valid license, no over speeding, and no pending tickets but I was scared at the cop pulling me out and drawing his armer and me.

I vomited often when I was pregnant. And I was shit scared, in spite of putting a sign up on the window that I was sick to the cops as they might ignore my signs of innocence and I might end up lifeless. I am a very conscious woman and can’t take such things for granted. I avoid talking loud or make a sudden move lest I may be eliminate or lifeless on the street.


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