Stacey Dash’s 4th Husband Claims She Used Hypnosis To Trick Him Into Marriage

Some pretty wild claims are being made by the fourth husband of Stacey Dash in her court documents. His name is Jeffery Marty, and he claims that Stacy had used the powers of hypnosis to compel him into marrying her back in 2018.

He added that he was forced to go ahead with the proceedings of the marriage by hypnotic prayer techniques. She was detain in a incident in 2019 involving Jeffery as reported by the press.

His twitter feed, is unlike Dash outspoken republican and is full of conspiracies, pro-President Trump links and Bible verses.

After two years of their marriage, Dash filed for a divorce. She was perusing her career when she dropped out due to her extremist ideologies than her film career. Among her many beliefs is that the Black History Month should be abolished.

They are lying about global warming and that transgender are fringing into her freedom and should relieve themselves in the bushes. She is all set to make her appearance in the film ‘’Trail Blazers’’ that is written and directed by the right wing actor Antonio Sabato Jr. it features a cadre of conservative stars, that include Dean Cain.

Scott Baio, Kristy Swanson and Kevin Sorbo. The film is in the pre-production stage. This means that she is so wretched as to conjure up a husband.


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