Sometimes Happiness Is Found In Losing Things Instead of Having Them

We often think that happiness lies in getting things like getting a job, or a car, or the shoes we wanted for long, etc. our happiness depends on fulfilling our wishes.

But these things proved wrong for me. I found that happiness is not getting what you need, but it is by losing the things instead of having them. Sometimes you need things that potentially destroy you. Get happiness by letting things go.

Try to adjust your self by coming out of your mere expectations. Try to derive happiness out of sadness. Learn to enjoy the simple moments in your life and try to derive pleasure out of sadness and laugh amidst irony. This will make you happy. Often you can get happy by just losing hopes on something and you set yourselves free from the rules and plans that you have made for yourself.

Stop looking for happiness and you will find it everywhere. Stop looking for love or lost love. Stop trying to control your fate or your future. When you stop manifesting on your happiness, you will find the world much happier place to stay in. Sometimes you are happy when you lose everything that you have. You are relieved of the pressure of holding on to the things in your life. You are set free to fly in the open sky above the clouds.

You will be happy when you disengage yourself from your surroundings and stop caring of things happening around you and start caring about your inner self. You get scared by the thought of losing your loved one so that he becomes a stranger again. If you are moving out of a relationship then it is for your own good, or else you wouldn’t move out of it in the first place.

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