She Wouldn’t Have Trust Issues If You Hadn’t Had Lying Issues

Lately, whenever you see your girl, all that you see in her eyes is doubt. And naturally you think she is exaggerating and overreacting. You don’t know what got into her, and why she doesn’t trust a word that you’re saying. She clearly has serious questions of confidence and this has had a negative effect on your relationship. You wonder where the happy and optimistic girl you met was gone. Now you can hear her just nagging and challenging every step you make.

There is nothing you can do to show your love for her. You think you ‘re just doing your hardest to be a decent person, a caring and compassionate husband, but it seems like nothing works. And if you were shifting the universe for her, she ‘d always have questions about her passion. And of course this is beginning to bother you gradually. You have not imagined your life this way.

You don’t need someone to undermine your relationship and someone to continuously test every little thing you do. You don’t want to feel like you’re being constantly watched and under surveillance. Everything of this, you say, got a bit out of control. She is too jealous and you start feeling she’s going nuts. What you don’t know, though, is that each partnership is a two-way street.

Her conduct is nothing more than a reaction to your actions and that is the only fact. Have you ever thought of all the stuff you’ve done that caused your girlfriend to be like this, jealous and too controlling? You know very well this girl wasn’t like this when you met her. She was an innocent and caring girl who believed in love and who believed that there was something good in everything.

Although people kept telling her that you were trouble and that you weren’t the right man for her she had faith in you. She had faith in her love for you and believed in the immense love she had for you. Yet she never made you adjust. You changed her, instead. You told her she would never have trusted you. You told her everyone was right about you and she was wrong to believe you. You’ve gradually disappointed her every time she caught you lying.

Each time she caught you hiding your phone, every time you had mysterious phone calls and every time she caught you looking at another person, she lost her trust in you more and more. She did so because, given everything you did to her, she loved you. She did so because, for all the misery you caused her, she couldn’t imagine not having you in her life. And she did so because she kept hoping that finally you would become a better man.

But she never forgot what you did to her because she forgave you. She tried hard to put all that behind her and she was trying to turn a new leaf around. Yet she definitely could not. The feelings of disappointment and embarrassment that you brought through her were far more intense than the love she had for you. So every time you get annoyed by her lack of trust, remember that you made her that way. And remember that she wouldn’t have trust issues if you hadn’t had lying issues.

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