TV Host Says Serena Williams looks Like One of Those Monkeys – Video

A Romanian television host caused controversy when he said tennis star Serena Williams’ looks live on air like one of those monkeys in the zoo.Journalist Radu Banciu, 49, said the comments while on B1 TV channel hosting the late evening series.

‘If monkeys wear pants they would look just like Serena Williams is doing on the court.’

He spoke Romanian when he made the shocking comments which Business Insider later translated into English.

According to the board of directors of the National Council for Discrimination, Bucharest, Romania, Mr Banciu was fined £ 1,484 on grounds of prejudice and a breach of the rights to dignity. It doesn’t seem like that Mr Banciu will lose his work after the comments.

The directors added: ‘The governing board reveals that, among other things, people of color was based on their analogy with monkeys.

And these comments reflect an intense.’


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