Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas New Relationship Under F-ire After Married Man A-bandon His Wife of 14-Years And Kids To A-llegedly Move In With Singer

Rozonda Thomas, also known by the R&B community as Chilli, TLC, is reportedly following the singer’s claims that a married man has appeared. Not only are the two dating ones, the guy (Anthony Wilson) known as ‘Ant’ actually lives with Chilli, according to Industry. R&B artist, Usher, who used to date Chilli is not only aware of her relationship with Ant but also gives her blessings to the pair, sources add.

The blog site has disclosed the details in an Instagram post, stating: “He’s been married for 14 years but apparently his marriage is finished because Ant ‘s wife Allison heard he was messing with TLC bandmate Chilli. Apparently Ant is very cool with Chilli’s ex # Usher and Usher gave him the blessing to date her and we heard Chilli is so inside Ant that she moved him to her house and left his wife and children to be Chilli’s lil love boytoy! “The blog went on to expose photos of Cobb Country Superior Court records.

In the dating department Chilli has had her fair share of problems. VH-1 gave the singer its very own show in 2011 to find love, entitled ‘What Chilli Wants. The singer proposes in her long list of conditions, He can’t drink. He just can’t smoke. He can not eat pork, or have more than two mom boy. He has to be okay, with at least a four-pack. Last but not least, he must have a truly massive package.

Typically after two months, I know I just can tell. I always knew that,’ she said. I got this kind of smartness or something on the day I turned 30, this wisdom about myself when your turn 30, you are more confident in how you feel about things, which is awesome. That means you can cut, the singer said. The Chilli eventually opted for the Swedish model, Lasee Larsen. However, when Chilli realized the spark was not there the romance fizzled out.

This is not Chilli’s first time finding herself in a romantic. In 2013, TLC’s one-time manager Pebbles reported the singer had been sleeping with her boyfriend, L.A. Reid. Reid. Pebbles also that both Lisa’s Left-Eye’ Lopes and Watkins’ Tionne’s T-Boz were aware of the affair. The argument has never been proved true, however, since she never caught the two together. Pebbles has admitted never noticing the two during an appearance on Wendy Williams. Yet she ‘believed’ that behind her back they were playing around.

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