Real Love Is Pushing Someone To Do Better But Not Forcing Them To Change

We will all agree that true love is very difficult to find these days. We have noticed that people are trying to fix themselves in relationships without giving it a thought to see that who they are truly. It does not matter to them to give it another thought that whether the two are compatible and made for each other. Now a days we see that physical attraction is more than the psychological or spiritual attractions. That is the reason why we have short term love stories and they end up in a sad breakup.

You should know and keep in mind that real love is not always roses and butterflies, but in other words it can be real hard. It is not just accepting each other but it is rather accepting each other for life no matter how hard it gets. The other thing is that we can’t expect someone to change for us, if they are not the ones that you want then they will not be the ones whom you would accept in your life the way they are at present.

You cannot expect you to love someone and then latter try to mold them the way you want them to be. Keep in mind that love does not work that way ever. We are always confused in our minds about the fact that whether it is a true love or a fake love. We can always push our partner in doing things without forcing him to do the things that he does not want to. One should never cross the line. All true and long lasting love stories are only about well respected boundaries.

The secret behind real love is not being selfish. It is a universal thought that no one is perfect and you should accept your partner with all his flaws and the way he or she is. Both the partners should feel to grow in the partnership and support each other along the way. That is what a partner stands for to be at your side through the thick and thin. He or she is someone who puts the same amount as you do in the partnership.

It has to be kept in mind that we do not change for others, we change for ourselves. A partner has to love fully as you are not only partially, otherwise it will be an incomplete relationship. We always have a feeling of sense of freedom and comfort when it comes to know that you have found true love. We all have been injured and we all have experienced rejection as we all are human beiongs. No one is perfect and there is no knight in shining armor.

Lovers got to follow the following golden rules if you want real love:

  • You should support one another
  • You got to care about each other
  • You do not ever try to change the other person
  • You should have same goals and values in life
  • You got to get along well
  • You can communicate well with each other
  • You should not ignore each other
  • You are accepting of each other’s flaws
  • You should never feel that something is missing.
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