Read This If Your World Is Falling Apart

You clicked on this post because you’re going through a tough time in your life, presumably. I would like to reach out to you even though I don’t know you, and to console you. That storm will move to tell you. Since I can’t do that, I’ll try to console you with a few words of hope and happiness instead. So just hang in there, all right?

Just the way you are, you are awesome and don’t let anyone tell you of the contrary. I know life has been hitting you again and again. I know they ‘re hurting. And I know that people are saying this is going to pass.

You don’t believe them into the trap, right? You think you ‘re trapped in the situation now is the end of the planet.

But that’s not it!

Please note life is not an easy one. Why do we weep when first we are born? To be prepared for all those storms which life brings before us.

You are going to go through so many life stages. And they will all be different. Some friends are going to betray you. Your boyfriend is cheating on you. You ‘re going to clash with their guardians.

But that is LIFE! Don’t sweat the little things, then. You are not the one who can have an effect on those things. Destiny is that b-itch which makes us feel wretched. But it can be nice for someone. Born under a lucky star.

If you really want it you will make your life better. You should look for the meaning in it every single time you go through a rough patch. Perhaps God sends you all the trouble to teach you a lesson. Maybe He needs you to be better. Only find a way to shake away the heat.

Please. Cry. Screaming. Smash things. Still lighten the discomfort. They’ve got to go out.

If it stays inside you, you’ll one day bu-rst. And there is nothing that you can do to catch all the bits of your heart and soul.

Do stuff which will make you happy. Hang out with friends of ours. Say those funny jokes. Joke, joke. Make a living again. Life isn’t about having good cards — it’s mostly about playing the bad cards you’ve been dealing with in a positive manner. Get up and show everyone you aren’t a quitter.

Reading a novel. Journey. Head for a bubble bath. Chanting in the rain. Smile across the street to a stranger. Small stuff will make our day — just that you need to think.

Put your mobile or laptop down, and head out. Live life to the fullest. And note you are not alone. I was there, and still am alive.

Remember, when life switches out lights in front of you and behind you, just follow your route and calmly say: “I don’t need your light, I’ll find my way even in the dark! I believe THEY!

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