Atlanta Rapper Ca$hTalk Calls Megan Thee Stallion ‘Unlady Like’ Accuses Rapper of ‘Smashing’ Everyone After Rapper Suggests He’s Uneducated

After her incident with Tory Lanez, Megan Thee Stallion ‘s time on social media.She’s spoken up and posted pictures of her wounds as well but for others it’s just not enough. In hiphop Musician Cashtalk continues to speak out against his fellow countryman. While some of the greatest artists of hiphop and music have since come out in support of Megan, her rehabilitation and her achievements, others have opted to go the other direction and distort the situation for the papers, or have worked to help Tory Lanez and condemn the actions of Megan.

Now, a respected hiphop icon from Megan’s home state is speaking out on her behalf and letting us know the situation is serious and Megan isn’t the wrong one. UGK group Bun B believes Tory Lanez had no excuse. I tried to be unbiased and cool in a posted video about the said Bun B.Many stars have taken Meg ‘s hand, such as Halle Berry, Chance the Rapper, Michael B. Jordan and even Cardi B. Women is never Cool and some of the celebrities have even sympathy on Megan and what happened to her. Unfortunately, the situation to get themselves promoted.

Lol what I’ve noticed from most people on social media is that you all want to hear bad news before good news, a lie spreads faster than the reality, and you all really believe the YALL make-up, Megan wrote in a now-deleted post caption showing her wounds. Some of the lies about her internet-floating condition Tory Lanez, punishing him for being “tiny” and other nasty rumours.

Megan has dismissed any and all of the gossip that has permeated the Internet since this whole ordeal began, but now rapper Cashtalk from Atlanta feels she’s more to blame than she’s letting go and letting the world know. Earlier this week, there was a miscommunication on another post in which Cashtalk antagonized Megan, as Waka Flocka Flame seemed to support Megan’s of Cashtalk.

Waka said that he complimented the shirt of Cashtalk and released a statement clarifying it when Megan aimed – obviously at Waka – to say that he never made it past 9th grade. It turns out that she was aiming at Cashtalk for the remark and when he realized it, he clapped back at Megan again. You run around here unlady like crushing all these to feel bad for you, wrote the rapper, completing his post with an emoji facepalm.

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