Priceless Stolen Teddy With This Woman’s Late Mother’s Voice Recording Is Returned After Ryan Reynolds’ Ransom – Video

Mara Soriano from Vancouver, Canada was moving apartments recently when she got a phone call from a friend who totally derailed her train of action. She left her bags unattended as Mara rushed to help his friend. One of them had an especially priceless thing inside: a teddy bear with a voice recording of her late mom on it that was snagged away in a moment.

After Mara posted an online petition to help locate her stolen teddy bear, the hunt started internet-wide. And it was led by one of the planet’s most loved people — Ryan Reynolds, who had pledged “$5,000” to anyone returning this bear to Mara. Zero questions posed “in a July 26 tweet.

Reynolds came back three days later with good news that blew up over the internet, with everyone finally being able to sleep well. And when it looks like you may not like RR even more, he proves us wrong again by earning extra karma points.

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