People Who’ve Spent Time In Pr-ison Are Sharing Their Biggest Surprises About The Outside World, And It’s Eye-Opening

The thread was really made popular and viral as the former inm-ates, along with their loved ones had started to share their experiences from behind the bars to coming back to the society after years of impr-isonment. We are listing here a few of the top ranking posts.

1) My father was imp-risoned from 2003 to 2016, and apart from the technology boost, he was surprised at the jump in the McDonald prices.

2) It was difficult for me to make choices, if you are that lucky then you have two choices of shampoo in the custody. The first time I had shopped at Target. It was so confusing at the choice of shampoos that I could never decide on the shampoo to buy. I stood at the aisle and cried, and left without buying anything.

3) I had no idea, how to handle money. It takes some time to get used to it.

4) I got out after a long time and the craziest thing was to find all these scooters lying around in a mess.

5) My boss had spent seven years behind the bars. The morning he got out, his grandma picked him up and took him to Target to shop. His eyes hurt as he hadn’t seen color red for a long time.

6) Only a year was done by my brother, but he was let out with a guy who had done more than 30 years behind the bars. He had trouble in explaining the smart phone to the guy imagine all you want and all you want to know is available on the smart phone.

7) It was my uncle, who came out after 30 years and he did not believe the fact that you could order anything on the internet. So we ordered food from Seamless and he excitedly walked to the door as the doorbell rang. He hastily opened the door and greeted the delivery boy excitedly like a child.

8) I went in with the onset of the first iPhone and came out in 2014. The amount of smart phones did not astonish me but the fact that almost everyone had a smart phone in his hand did astonish me.

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