One Day, You Will Meet Him

You ‘re about to fall in love one day. Your eyes will cross his and in love you will be on seventh sky with a number of butterflies fluttering in your stomch. You would have no idea how it happened, or why it happened. You will only know that without this person in it you don’t want to go on living your life. Things’ going to happen so quickly and naturally. You ‘re not going to have to work hard to get his attention or make sly attempts to trap him.

It all goes down naturally, step by step You ‘re not going to rush into getting to know him. You are not going to make any rash actions that might ruin all of your friendship. You ‘re not going to make sudden decisions to speed up the process, because you’re going to enjoy every minute you have with him.You ‘re going to wish the minutes, the hours you ‘re together to last even longer. Your relationship is not going to be a fling, a passion that is expected to die out after a while.

You ‘re going to want to know him and his deepest thoughts, really. You ‘re not going to risk losing him and you’re going to take it up slowly because you know there’s so much time ahead of you. You ‘re going to trust him for whatever reason and you know that you’re not going to get your heart broken. You know it. You don’t doubt him, not even for a second, and you’re ready to share some things that maybe nobody knows about you.

One day you will meet a man who is going to keep choosing you over everybody else. Having love in this mad world is nearly impossible. People just want to date for a bit, hit something and leave. No-one really seems to trust anyone. And actually, they ‘re correct if you look at what’s going on around you, and there’s no point in trusting someone. But the love that feels like home will be this. A moist, pure and honest Love.

A love you feel secure in. He’s not going to press you on something. He’s going to be patient because he is really concerned about what you are like. He needs to know the real you, to see what lies inside. He’s not going to expect anything crazy from you. He’s not going to set big expectations that you need to meet to please him. He will love you exactly the way you are, absolutely all of you, with your craziness and your affection.

He is not going to see your physical attractiveness when he looks at you. Beyond that, He’ll love you. He will love you and your beautiful soul for your hypocrisy. He’s going to stand by you and love you no matter what. When you want to do something, he will never talk to you down or discourage you. When you fight for something you want, he will admire your strength and your determination, your stubbornness. Every single moment, he has your back.

His love is pure and without boundaries. You are not going to have to chase him and try hard to ‘earn’ his attention. His love is unconditional and never ending. You ‘re not going to have to protect yourself and build emotional walls, because you’re sure he ‘d never hurt. He is the one that you ‘re going to show off everywhere you go. He is going to be the one you ‘re proud to have alongside you.

But you’ve got to go through everything else before you get this. You have to experience love that leaves you at your lowest. You have to deal with the jealousy and egotism. You’ve got to go through almost everything to get to the one you hoped for. He’s the one that’s going to put a smile on your face when life gets rough and difficult. He’s the one who will catch you when you’re down. He is the one in whose arms you may relax and try a peaceful place to be.

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