No One Came To Student’s Graduation – So His Teacher Took Him Out To Dinner And Bought Him A Car

Because of the COV19 some classes will not have an official graduation ceremony this year. To have the privilege of formally graduating and celebrating their academic accomplishments, the students in safer places will be pleased.

But, if your family doesn’t bother to show up a graduation may become fearful. This is what happened to one mid-June 2020 teenager. The teacher  realised that no one came to the graduation of this teen

Dominique Moore is a teacher and Bessemer City High School Graduation Director.

After the ceremony he was tidying up when he spotted one of the students sitting alone long after they all left. I know of his moods and I knew he was not himselfsaid Moore. I asked him, Where are you? ‘And it was like,’ No-one is here. Moore replied with I expect great things from you and it’ll be OK.

He hoped someone would come to pick him up. Yet the teen was still there when he ‘d finished the cleanup. He had no ride home so Moore was offering him a lift. Moore asked the student in the car if he was hungry and said that he would take him wherever he wants to eat. The teen suggested getting wings in a popular chain but Moore wanted to take him a little more special somewhere.

He said, How about Factory Cheesecake? I have heard of it, but I never was. And that is where the two of them were heading. When he enjoyed a shrimp basket with fries and Oreo cheesecake, the teen was still dressed in his graduation cap, something he had never tried before.

Moore had also graduated from Bessemer City High School, and was struggling throughout the meal to contain his emotions.

Man, I couldn’t imagine high school graduation and my folks wouldn’t be out there, he said. He did not pry into the personal life of the teen, or ask why the family of the teen did not show up. I didn’t care about it Moore said. I ‘d just wanted to celebrate him at that moment. It’s been an awesome time. It’s not a teen graduate high school every day, after all. He deserved to have a sense of gratitude for his achievements. When the day was over, Moore was doing something he normally doesn’t do.

He posted the entire story to social media. These circumstances are normal to me and I am dealing with them myself, he said. If you do something you don’t necessarily have to show anyone or tell anyone but this one just didn’t sit well with me.

I don’t know exactly what it was. Moore has included his Cash App account — $mooredaeducator — in the post if anybody wishes to help the teen. More than $5,000 had been donated to the young graduate as of June 19. When Moore took him from work, he brought him to a bank to open a checking account.

Most of the money has been put into a cashier’s check while they find a reliable transportation source for the teen. Moore is hoping he will be able to save enough money in the future to attend college. He’s ecstatic, he was about to cry and I said, No, you’re not going to weep in front of me, said Moore.

The Answer to Good Deeds by Dominique Moore This story resonated with his viewers and many praised Moore for his kindness and voiced encouragement for the teen..


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