Clever Hacks That Make the Exhausting Newborn Phase Easier

It is not easy to deal with the new born babies, but we suggest a few tricks that will make your life easier:

B-feeding pillows are great help.

The B-feeding pillows are a great help while feeding the babvies. They are more beneficial when the delivery is a cesarean one. The C shape of the pllow will hug your mid section and make a cvomfortable angle for you to feed your baby.

Read aloud, whatever you read

Every new born is comforted by the voice of hgis mother. It is not at all necessary to read out fairy tales or nursery rhymes. You can read out anything in this world- it could be the news paper or your electricity bill or the grocery list. This will keep your baby quiet all the time

Get ready with a onesie hack

There are onsie suits that have their openings at the shoulders. Let yourself pull the diaper down from the shoulders. That way you will avoid getting the baby’s face dirty and your job is easy too.

Get a water and snack where you sit and feed the baby.

Keep it well stacked with baby’s favorite eatables  of your choice and taste . Also keep a stock of magazines and drinks and  soothers. You can’t tell how long you have to sit there in order not to wake up the sleeping beauty.

Storage of b-milk.

Make a good stock of your milk. Keep the bags flat to make more space and also it looks organized and gives a feel of satisfaction.

The famous middle of night adventure.

No one wants to get up in the middle of night and prepare the bottle of milk. Have a pitcher ready with enough formula to last the night. Just stir it and pour into the bottle. Beware that the premixed formula is good only for 24 hours. Discard any formula left over immediately.

Never mind if no time for a shower.

Showers seem like a luxury when you don’t get time to have’em. Better maintain a stock of dry shampoo and a box of baby wipes. Dab and scrub and you are ready for action. Remember that you will get a hot shower once you are done.

Keep a monthly track of your baby’s growth.

Keep a calendar handy and note down the vitals of your baby regularly on it. Record your baby’s weight and eating capacity so that you can show it to the pediatrician. As your baby is new and your tired brain is sieve, jot down the notings on a paper and not in your memory.

Keep a cloth under the chin for burping

Keep a burping cloth under his chin as many babies burp. It helps to prevent from baby getting wet and dirty. Use a small hand towel and keep it in that position. Lift your baby along with it.

Take all those cute pictures.

Every time is a picture time. Through out the day the baby will offer you very cute poses for a beautiful picture, so be ready with a camera. The pictures are a good source to store memories as childhood flies away very fast and there is no other time than your childhood.

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