This Viral Video Has Mothers Everywhere Feeling So Seen (And Crying) – Video

A video is being watched at least 3 million times till now from May when it was posted. It is going viral again due to us moms because for moms everyday is a mother’s day. The video has served as a commercial for Hallmark. The video says about the motherhood and the nitty-gritties involved in it. The pain and anxiety to watch them grow up. From the infants eating from the floor to the ones who need privacy to the teenagers and finally becoming parents-every aspect of motherhood is covered in the video.

A day will come when you will hold them on your hip for one last time. A day will come when you will no longer make funny faces or be felt like a hero or get the happy feeling of carrying them up to their bed. Nothing can avoid these days. As your dear daughter prepares to become a mom herself they finally understand your love for them.

Sometimes I wonder about the growing phases of my child. How from the infant days it started crawling and holding and then sitting and standing. Then one day he is a smart and handsome teenager who wants to borrow his friend’s car. And then finally he has grown up to be a man and ready to marry and bear children of his own and the circle repeats again. But tghese are the ways of life and this is how it goes on.

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