Mom Proud of Son For Sticking Up For Bad Classmate, ‘My Child Has Full Permission To Rock Your Kid’s World If They’re Hurting Them’

“I was walking in to pick my middle son up from a drop off kindergarten science class, toddler on my pelvis, another child in the class across the hall, I turned the corner and took in the situation.

On one side of the class there was a crying child, holding his face and looking embarrassed. On the other side of the room my child, my Enneagram 8 if I’ve ever met one, arms folded across his chest, eyebrows touching in the middle, a teacher squatting down trying to talk to him. I didn’t even wonder what had happened.

The volunteer assistant came up to me, ‘there’s been an incident’. ‘I can see that, let’s go figure it out.’ I put the toddler down near a sensory bin.His face relaxed a little when he saw me, I like to think he knew I’d have his back. The teacher was asking him what I felt like we’re the wrong questions ‘did you bash him?’. It’s important to me not to undermine a teacher, especially in front of a child so I asked if I could help her sort it out, she looked relieved. I can’t imagine she woke up expecting to deal with a brawl in the k-1 class that day.

‘What happened?’ It’s important to look for the why not just the what. ‘Mommy, they sent us to the bathroom’, the teacher interjected that they send the kids in groups of three to the bathroom for safety.

‘Right, so they sent us in there when that big kid over there (gesturing to the snibbling boy in the corner who now looked deeply guilty) starting pushing the little kid.’ Looking at the kids he was pointing to I could see ‘the big kid’ was easily a head and a half taller than my child and easily outweighed the smallest kid by 30 pounds. ‘He pushed him again and again and I told him to stop! I couldn’t go get a teacher and leave the little boy to get hurt. So, I punched him, hard.’


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