Mom Learns The Hard Way To Let Spray Tan Dry Before B-feeding

There is time and position for applying spray tans. But as young UK mom Keziah Jozefiak recently discovered in the most amusing way, if you’re about to B-feed, it should never, ever be attempted. On February 14, Keziah tweeted photos of her bundle of joy, Rafael, who ended up spraying tan marks around his mouth as a post-nursing mark. Please remind me to wash my tan off before Raf feeds pleaseshe wrote as a caption.

The tweet sprung up fast, and now it has 102k likes. The mother had applied tanning foam while her 5-month-old was sleeping, according to The Sun. She ‘d B-fed him when he unexpectedly woke up hungry. The foam had sadly not dried. The mother told The Sun that she had learnt her lesson. This is the first and probably the last time she still feed him with her tan. Really, it hadn’t occurred to her that the tan could pass it onto him, she said.

Plus, it should be enough of a deterrent how long it took her to remove the tan from the skin of her daughter. Keziah said she was using baby oil and baby wipes, and that it took her an hour to wash the bronze off her face properly, but he found it all funny. There were people who found it funny but many of them were also worried about the baby and the side effects of the tan on her skin. To which Keziah posted another picture of the baby stating she is fit and fine and did not swallow a whole bottle of tan. She also thanked everyone for their concerns.

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