12 Signs That Might Prove A Mom Is Done Having Babies

Trying to decide if you’d like to add another to your brood? There are wonderful lists and discussions with pros and cons, but often your own acts better show your true feelings. And if you experience any of these thinking patterns, your baby-making days might be behind you.

First Three Months

You think to yourself, “I can’t wait for this to be done,” for a lot of your pregnant waking time, even though you wanted to be in this position in the first place so badly and know that many, many people would offer their right arm to be where you are.

Next Three Months

When this is all over, you ask your husband how he might feel about having a vasectomy. “Haha,” he announces. “Haha,” you tell me. “No but seriously,” you are saying, too.

Last Months

You tell your husband that you would love it if he took care of the business, as it were, because you never want to do it again, and after all, it’s only fair (actually, not even approaching reasonably, but let’s not quibble about details). He proposes that you wait until the baby is born first before you do it and agree. You and your pregnant buddies discuss how it would not be so bad to get a C-section and then you might only have your tubes tied when the hood pops up.

Labor Pains

You ask your obstetrician if she will advise any urologists. The issue does not seem remotely shocked to her.

First week with the baby

A colleague tells you that her husband is having a vasectomy. You prudently write the doctor’s name down.

Completion of two months

“This is really pretty cool,” you say to yourself. The baby is cute and sweet, and sleeps a lot. You just sound like you know what you’re doing. You ‘re on maternity leave so it’s summertime, and you’re so relieved that you’re no longer pregnant that you even love your warm, flabby. You ask, “What if we had a third?” Your husband even says, “It’s up to you.” You get upset with him, as he’s supposed to say, “I guess we’re finished.”

So note that you’re going to have to have three car seats, and that you’re going to be pretty close to 40 if you’ve got another baby, and that’s three college tuitions, so that would always be good to take an occasional break, because if that were the old days, who knows if the third baby will be a nightmare baby.

Some more months with the baby

You know this isn’t anything frivolous like dentists arranging. You stand near by while a vasectomy is arranged for your husband. Incidentally, nagging him is in and of itself very effective birth control, so maybe he doesn’t need one after all. You give away any piece of maternity clothing that doesn’t suit anymore — also the fine, designer jeans — and all the baby clothes, also your favorite ones. You ‘re just feeling done with all of it and it’s time to make room in your home and life.

Finally the year comes to an end

You feel a little sad that you will possibly never again experience the sweet connection with a new baby from the first few weeks at home, but that is life. You ‘re just happy to never have to wash another bottle or clear another Diaper Genie again. Your husband jokes that after you see a diaper commercial you will have another baby and you tell him that there are people who can volunteer in hospitals to keep newborns.

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