Real Men Protect Their Women, They Don’t A-buse Them

I don’t know what they said to you when you grew up, but let’s get one thing straight. Only think about it, No, it shouldn’t be tough love. It takes a lot of work but in order to achieve it, it should never allow you to bend backwards. No, love is not supposed to hurt. Longing for others, missing them while they’re gone, crying for their embrace and touch are all natural things but all of this is called sweet misery.

True love never doubts your worth, never makes you wonder if you’re good enough or makes you feel like a million parts of your heart are broken every day. See, we all have to stick one thing in our head — real people don’t make it hard to feel love, they make it sound like it’s the easiest thing.

True men, they do not hurt their wives, they protect them. Anything else is just a lie that we tell ourselves in fear that our partner will be let go. The reality is that a true man never would do anything. He would never make his wife feel guilty, or do something that could break her heart. There’s a list of things that real people do.

Men who women, he claims, are nothing but cowards who hide behind their manhood. They are merely men’s form, but there’s nothing but rotting souls inside. A true man loves himself enough to never tell lies. Just as plain as that. True men respect their wives. They know that whatever you give a woman, she doubly returns it. If you donate your heart to her, she will give you all her love.

If you’re giving her a house she’ll give you a home. If you give her your love she will make you feel like this world’s only one. What more could you hope for? True men protect their wives. But they’re not just pretending to do it in public, and instead misuse them when they’re home and no one watches. True people hate seeing women torn on their knees, pleading for love or mercy.

Only cowards love and tear down women who want to give their hearts to them. So, don’t ever calm down please. Love yourself, however, to the point that isolation is a safer choice than allowing others to treat you with disrespect. Self-esteem is the secret to dodging the bullet called, and it makes sense. It does make sense. If you think about it, then it does.

When times get hard, a real man will be there for you. He’ll be your shoulder to lean on when things get rough. So, please don’t settle for an abuser at all. Know that the man worthy of you can make his love feel right at home. A man will do whatever he can to protect you, and make you feel safe.

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